Friday, May 10, 2013

Samsung F8000 vs ES8000

Before we proceed with this comparison, it is important to establish the difference between the micro dimming and the local dimming. The first one is a Samsung's proprietary term used to describe the change in some of the picture settings such as contrast and brightness in various screen zones in order to simulate the effect of the local dimming, without actually dimming the LEDs of the backlight like the latter one does. In other words, the first one can also be referred to as artificial and as such the benefits from it are questionable. What's more: even the "true" one when used in an edge-lit model, produces quite modest advantages. Now, here is how the top model for 2013 compares to one of the top 2012 models:
  • F8000 has true local dimming which is called Precision Black so this should result in a better picture quality compared to its predecessor.
  • The new flagship model also scores a victory in terms of the Motion Rate - it has 1200 CMR while the ES800 has 960 CMR. However, the native refresh rate is 240Hz on both.
  • The 2013 set also has an advantage when it comes to connectivity options - it has 4 HDMI ports vs 3 on its opponent.
  • With its quad-core processor the 2013 flagship wins over its ancestor and its dual-core.


  1. When you say new flagshop model - is that the F8000 or the ES8000? I think from other comments the F8000 is the newer model - is that right? Sorry if i did not know that!

  2. Yes, that's correct: the F8000 is the flagship model for 2013 (and the ES8000 is the 2012 flagship model). You should also keep in mind that the 2014 models will soon be released, in case you'd want to have the latest model.